IT'S TRUE!!!! I've tried every green powder out there and you've got to know Emerald Balance is the absolute BEST. Your dash of spearmint is a perfect touch. I'm also super impressed with your selection of herbs, fruits, veggies, and spices. It's great to have the option of a bulk can or the individual packets to easily share, bring to work or carry along with me on my long bike rides. Thank you for making such a yummy, well-rounded, vitamin-rich product.

I'm Super Happy because I'm Emerald Healthy! :)

Brooklyn, NY

In my busy life it’s difficult for me to remember my keys when leaving the house, let alone remember to take my vitamins. But, at 37 it’s really important that I get my vitamins especially that all important calcium we keep hearing about for us women over 35. I was walking along in Costco one weekend about a month ago and a man asked if I wanted to try a new vitamin and mineral supplement.

I tried the berry and then the orange flavor. I liked the berry better and then he said try them together! All three options were delicious (but berry is still my favorite)! I immediately bought a box and thought we will see if my tummy can handle this vitamin supplement. I have tried many in the past and most have really bothered my stomach giving me pain. So trying something new is scary for me, but this tasted so good I thought I would try it.

From the first bottle to the 20th I never had an issue with my stomach. I was thrilled to have found such a convenient and flavorful vitamin and mineral supplement. Between work, school, single mother, and working out daily my routine is crammed full. Knowing I can throw my bottle and a package of vitamin powder into my lunch everyday really helps me get what I need in a convenient, environmentally friendly, and great tasting vitamin supplement.

Thank you SGN Nutrition for creating the Vitamin / Mineral Drink. I plan to use it for years to come.

Mission Viejo, CA

My name is Doris

I would like to share with you what EcoDrink Vitamins and Minerals drink has done for me. For years I have experienced extreme fatigue, and didn’t have the energy needed to clean my own apartment. When I tried, I could only clean for maybe 20 to 30 minutes at a time. And that was I could do for the whole day. It exhausted me just to prepare a meal. I was introduced to EcoDrink Vitamins and Minerals drink at Costco. They were demonstrating the benefits of EcoDrink.


I was told that this drink had as many vitamins and minerals than the tablet form and that being in liquid form; it went into the body system faster than pill form. At that point, I was ready to try anything in order to feel better and I bought the package. Just to make sure this really worked on its own; I stopped taking all of my many vitamin supplements in tablet form and just drank the EcoDrink. In about a week’s time, I felt a new energy in my body. I wasn’t oversleeping; I got up at an earlier time each morning and I was able to prepare a meal and clean up right away after the meal. I started walking more and not getting tired from working around the house and walking. I started telling everyone how great I felt and I attributed my energy to EcoDrink. I was like a walking commercial; but I felt so good I wanted to tell everyone I knew about it. I had my regular checkup with my doctor and when he asked me how I was feeling, I answered him "GREAT!" The doctor took a double-take as he looked at me. He remarked, "Well, I’ve never heard that reply from you before." I even told him about the EcoDrink. He was pleased and said to continue taking it. I really can’t say enough about the "EcoDrink." It has changed my lifestyle from being a sedentary woman to being an active one. I can do so much more now than I have done in years. I don’t even take afternoon naps anymore. I thank God for the manufacturers of EcoDrink Vitamins and Minerals supplement.



My name is Luis. I have purchased and taken your product (EcoDrink Daily) daily and I love it! My vitamins and much more in a liquid form AND it taste great, what more can I ask for! I have introduced it to my fiancé and her 7 year old daughter, they also love it. Thanks for what you have done and the impact you have made on people.



"Sophisticated green superfood blends like Emerald Balance rank right up there with omega-3 fats as crucial components of any winning supplement regimen. A perfect antidote to the typical American diet, Emerald Balance not only offers all the pH balancing and detoxifying greens, super-antioxidants, probiotics, fiber and adaptogens a health connoisseur demands, but the additional benefit of cutting-edge blood sugar stabilizers (a must in today's minefield of metabolic assaults) and targeted nutrients for healthy hair, skin and nails. Most unusual is its taste. It's the only green powder I can enjoy mixed alone with water, and that means I can take it on the run --- and actually look forward to it."

Kat James
Bestselling holistic health and beauty author and public television host of The Truth About Beauty and founder of InformedBeauty.com and Total Transformation¨ Programs.

"Now, this is truly a "smart" product! You get a brilliant combination of a calorie free vitamin water and an ecologically friendly and convenient package. If you are like me, you are tired of lugging heavy water bottles to the gym, sipping on flat, "dead" water and then contributing to our landfill problems by tossing the plastic water bottle in the trash.


EcoDrink provides me with a tasty flavored water and my daily vitamin & mineral requirements all in a simple little package. It is great for traveling and much more convenient than jugs of water.


Just pour the pre-portioned powder into the reusable (BPA Free) water bottle and you'll have the perfect workout or post-workout recovery drink. Thank you SGN and remember to "REDUCE > REUSE > RECYCLE!"


Valerie Waugaman
GO GREEN like me, The Green Goddess!!!!

At 43 years old I never dreamed I would have to have Hip replacement surgery. I was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia at 40. It came as a total surprise. I have always been athletic, and ironically am a fitness and yoga instructor. When my range of motion became so limited that I was constantly stressing my back and causing it to completely blow out about every two weeks I realized the surgery was inevetable. I spent months searching for the best surgeon. I am convinced that I succeeded. Dr. Thomas Sampson M.D., Medical Director of The Total Joint Center at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco performed the operation. If it weren't for his precision and skill, I would never have had the foundation to recover as quickly and painlessly as I did. His work was successful, and now the recovery was up to me.

Having a fitness background I knew that following the re-hab program was extremely important. I did everything religiously. It wasn't until I began to incorporate nutrition, and Emerald Balance that I really felt like I was healing. I firmly believe that Emerald Balance held the key to nourishing my cells and healing my body. The key was to heal on a cellular level, and work from there. I don't believe that vitamins in a pill form are in any way close to being as effective as the active greens in Emerald Balance. I continue to drink my Emerald Balance daily, in water...I actually love the taste, and more over I thrive on the benefits. Twelve weeks after my surgery I actally went snow skiing! Today, nearly 8 months after my surgery I am training for an open water swim across the San Francisco Bay and road bike trip from Northern Cal to Santa Barbera. I believe in the healing power of Emerald Balance.

Los Angeles, CA

"The quality of your life is the quality of your actions – and I want the best. I use the best supplements, go the best gym and eat the healthiest foods. When it comes to superfoods, I only use Emerald Balance. Emerald Balance gives me an overall good sensation, improves my digestion and helps my body feel alive."

Sebastian Siegel

"As a practicing cardiologist and an anti-aging specialist, I am always searching for the right blend of supplements to enhance the life and well-being of my patients. So often we are relegated to taking a plethora of supplements based on marketing hype that we end up with expensive urine, while leaving out some very useful herbs and immune system enhancers. I have found EMERALD BALANCE to be the answer. It's a blend of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, anti-oxidants, energy and immune enhancing herbs to name just a few.

Indeed the word balance is just what this is, and is what we need as we continue to generate free radicals in our every day lives. Emerald Balance is convenient, cost-effective, low in calories and high in fiber. Besides it tastes great! Although I never say take just one supplement, if you can only afford one, let Emerald Balance be your choice."


Howard K. Elkin, M.D., F.A.C.C. Whittier, Ca

"I love the way I feel with Emerald Balance! I have tons of energy and feel very healthy! It tastes great and mixes easily in the great little shaker!! Thanks EB for the incredible health benefits! I'm hooked! Stay Fit, Love Life, & God Bless U!"


Monica Brant-Peckham

I just recently discovered Emerald Balance and became an instant believer in the many benefits of this product. As an Olympic Silver Medalist and a mother of three young boys, nutrition and fitness are on the top of my list. Although, with my busy, demanding lifestyle, nutrition often gets left behind and I can feel the difference immediately. Before Emerald Balance my energy level was down and it was getting tougher and tougher to get out of bed. I not only felt more tired, I looked it.

Like a miracle one day, my husband came home from a three day trip (not unusual since he is an airline pilot) with a packet of Emerald Balance. His co-pilot was taking the product and loved it, so he offered him a few packets. After reading over the label, I mixed it with water, of course noticing the green color, and prepared myself for an awful taste. I took a sip and was surprised by the flavor. It actually tasted good, but I was still not sure if I would feel anything. A few hours later I began to feel different. I had more energy, but it wasn't the feeling I get when I drink too much soda. It was the energy that I experience when I eat nutritional meals like a large salad and a skinless chicken breast. I have to admit that there are still times that I eat the boy's macaroni and cheese, but when I take Emerald Balance, I feel like I ate the perfect meal!

Pam (Bileck) Flat
1984 Olympic Silver Medalist (Women's Gymnastics) and Mother of Three

"Being a mother of twins and a full-time elementary school teacher, I am always on the go. Normally, I would have my caffiene in tow with me throughout the day, whether that be two or three cups of coffee topped off by an afternoon diet coke to keep me going. After several physicals with my physician, she indicated that I really needed to cut back drastically on my caffiene intake. July, 2008, I completely cut all caffeinated beverages out of my diet although I missed my treats during the day. Fortunately, in December, 2008, I was introduced to the EcoDrink Vitamin Mineral Daily product. It was just what I needed to provide me with essential vitamins and mineral and give me that boost of energy and refreshed feeling without the caffeine jitters. It is incredibly convenient, environmetally friendly, and is a healthy refreshing beverage. I refill my bottle with water every night, chill it in the refrigerator, and grab it and go on my way out the door in the morning. Every day I look forward to my new midday treat, EcoDrink."

Natalie Christ, M.Ed., NBCT

"I have been using Emerald Balance for 6 months, I'm 78 years old and had been feeling tired and suffered from swelling in my ankles, sometimes it would get so bad I'd have to stay off my feet for days. Using Emerald Balance daily I've found it helps with my swelling and my energy level is back up to normal (I'm considered an active Senior Citizen). I also find it helps with my sugar cravings, which is important since I'm what they call 'pre-diabetic'. I've recommended Emerald Balance to all my friends in their 'Golden Years' and they agree they feel great and they find they don't get sick like their neighbors."

Lois R
San Marcos, CA

I have to say that I am very excited about a new product that I have been using. It's called Emerald Balance. I have been looking for a product that comes from natural sources, tastes great and gives me a lift when I need it. Emerald Balance fits that description perfectly. All of its ingredients are natural and offer an array of health benefits. The taste is very good and goes down extremely easy, unlike other green foods I have tried in the past. I feel like I get a nice sustained energy lift from it as well, no jittery feeling whatsoever.

An added bonus is that Emerald Balance is great for your hair, skin and nails.

I have tried various supplements in the past, but have never found one that I felt worth staying with. That is, until now; I believe this to be a fantastic product!

Lisa Nunziella
Fitness and Dance Professional

As an Ironman triathlete, nutrition is a critical part of my training and racing. I have tried numerous supplements in the past; but never really found one that I felt made enough of a difference to stick with it. Well that has all changed now, and wow what a change for the better!

For the last six months I have been using Emerald Balance on a daily basis. At first, I was trying it to see how some connective tissue injuries I had would respond; as this is one of the things the product claims to help. What I got, was a lot more than I bargained for.

My injuries responded way better than I could have ever hoped for. Not only was I able to compete in the inaugural Ironman Arizona, which had looked doubtful. Three weeks after that I raced the grueling Wildflower Half Ironman, followed by Escape From Alcatraz five weeks later! My sleep and digestion have improved greatly; and because of this my overall energy and recovery ability is much better. Now as an endurance athlete, I know that I run the risk of suppressing my immune system too often. On days when I have felt a little run down and like I am fighting off something I have taken two Emerald Balance, instead of my once daily. This seems to have worked great, and thankfully I have not gotten sick this race season.

Now just recently, and by coincidence at first I have taken Emerald Balance before going out on some shorter runs. Well, or I can say, is that I suddenly thought I was a Kenyan (and I'm a white boy from England). Go figure?

I am also a USA Triathlon level II coach, and many of my clients are taking this product and loving it also.

Keep up the great work.

Robert Hockley (USAT Level II)

Just want to let you know how much we love your Emerald Balance Plus!!!

I wrote you about this fantastic product before but I must write again because it did great things for me and my mother.

I am a 52 years old, post-menopausal woman; as you can imagine once you enter menopause, things just go downwards with regard to one's health: both mental and physical. For most women, menopause is just one big challenge!! But thanks to best organic nutritional program plus your wonderful product, things are much better now. Your product does wonders for me: I have it every morning with my nutritional shake and it makes a tremendous difference for me!!! My energy level is way up, I feel well nourished, my mental well-being is by far better (alertness is way up, depression and forgetfulness are way down, etc). I am amazed what your product does for me in terms of mental well-being, which is so hugely important in menopause. Plus I know that all those special ingredients in your product do great things for me, especially now when I need all the nutritional/supplemental help I can get!

My 82-years young mother takes it, as well: I can tell when she takes it. She is by far much more alert and her energy level is way up. When she runs out of this wonderful product - I can tell the difference at once, especially with regard to her energy level. It's a great product for her, as well.

I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, but especially for senior citizens, who need all the help they can get in terms of vitamins/superfoods in order to energize their mental/physical well-being. Also, women like me, who are either going through or are past menopause, your product really makes a huge difference in terms of mental/physical well being during such a difficult time in woman's life.

Do you plan to create more products?? Like nutritional bars? Those would have been wonderful, I am sure.

Thanks for a great product and please keep up the good work: we are waiting for more products to come!!!

Your product has made a huge difference in the way we feel during such critical times in our lives: me during menopause and my mother dealing with being 82!!

Maria Licari and mother

I take emerald balance every day and it keeps me on top of my game!

Rob Machado

My name is Iggy Silva III. I'm 16 years old and I am a competitive cyclist. Since I started taking X Balance the Ultimate Kids Superfood this past year I have won 3 state championships and 1 national championship. I take one scoop every morning before I go to school and before every race and have noticed that it not only gives me more energy and stamina but also helps me recover faster.

I feel much better overall after taking X Balance and highly recommend it to everyone out there whether you are an athlete or not.


Hello, my name is Ajit Sakor, and I actually came across emerald balance upon visiting my local vitamin shoppe when a representative of the company introduced me to the product. Almost sold on the product by this individual, I was still a little hesitant so I decided to actually email the company with some probing questions. To my initial surprise, the Owner of the company, Jan Lovejoy, wrote me back with all the answers to my questions. This was quite a surprise because usually a telemarketer will send back an email for the company with a one sentence reply, saying that the product is remarkable; in this case Jan sent me a one page reply fully answering all my questions honestly and openly. She told me just give it a try and if you do not like it I will refund your money. My main complaint at the time was acne. She told me emerald balance would be perfect for me because of the ingredients will help cleanse my body from the inside out, but she was not just promoting her product she also took time the time understand my diet at the time and where I might be making some mistakes.

Jan has been incredibly helpful and I can't say enough about how much she has helped me. I have been taking emerald balance for a month and a half, and my acne which was cystic slowly started to disappear in this period. Now I am not going to lie and say wow it is completely gone, but I could have been categorized as a candidate for the accutane protocol if I had decided to go that route but now I have just two here and there and they are in no way the big swollen nodules but rather small pimples that usually disappear within a day. Within a couple of months and with the introduction of better eating habits and continual consumption of Emerald Balance, I am sure my acne will disappear. Thank you again Jan.

Ajit Sakor

I truly believe Emerald Balance played a major part in boosting my immune system; it made me healthier and stronger in a very short time. Because of the results I’ve already gotten, I swear by this product – there’s no other supplement like it and, in fact, when anyone says how well I look, the first words out of my mouth are: ‘Thanks to Emerald Balance.’ Then I suggest they try it, just like I did. Who knows, maybe three months from now, they could look (almost) as good as me!


James P.
Entertainment Industry

"I have been a nail biter, sorry to say, since I was a teenager. As an adult, I have tried numerous times to grow my nails, to no avail. I have used every nail product on the market and have taken countless gelatin tablets. Nothing has ever improved the quality of my nails. I also have "problem hair." That is, it is very fine and fragile and very, very slow to grow. In fact, it breaks off very easily, so I have always had to wear it short. I heard about Emerald Balance, that it was especially good for hair, skin and nails and so started taking it 9 months ago. I didn't notice anything happening for the first 6 months. Then, one day I noticed my nails had actually grown a little. And they were strong! The next thing I knew, I had nails, for the first time in 50 years! About the same time I started taking Emerald Balance I had some extensions added to my hair so I could wear it up instead of short. My hairdresser was concerned because she knew how fragile my hair has always been. But instead of breaking when the extensions were removed, my hair had grown and was quite strong. My hairdresser was amazed. She has been working with my hair for 20 years and knows its problems. I told her about Emerald Balance and now she wants to carry it in her shop. It is a great product and I recommend it highly."

Danelle Knudson Napa, California.

I train and compete in the art of brazilian jiu jitsu, and recently I won a gold medal at the u.s. open; the third largest tournament in the united states. and emerald balance is a regular part of my tournament training regimen. i have my first one around 5 am, on my way to the dojo, when it's too early for anything else, and i need that energy. it gets me through those grueling two hours before breakfast. and of course, it's the best tasting green drink I've ever had.

keep up the great work!

Chris Balthasar

I have been an Emerald Balance user for about a year now after finding out about your product after picking up a packet at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio in March of 2007. I have been into working out, bodybuilding, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu since my cadet days at The Citadel, and have always asked a lot from my body.

I am a JAG officer in the 82nd Airborne Division currently on temporary duty at the Army JAG Legal Center and School in Charlottesville Virginia, along with 96 other JAG officers from around the country.

I want to thank you guys for making such a great product that helps me keep my body up and running and my mind focused during long workouts and legal work, alike. Aside from the energy, focus, and sped-up recovery times that Emerald Balance gives me, I just generally get a healthy/cleansing feeling a serving. After I eat a cheat meal or anything greasy, I always go for my Emerald Balance to take away that sluggish or sick feeling that less-than-nourishing food leaves you with.

I have to admit that I get some I interesting questions from folks when they see the somewhat strange, murky green substance in my shaker bottle. So I have developed a strategy to answer their doubts; I never throw away the empty packet until after I am done drinking the shaker, so that I can just hand it to anybody who comes up with a question. After a quick review of the ingredient profile, I usually hear something like "Wow, that looks like some kind of superfood." Problem solved!


"In the past I've used the terrible tasting "super-foods" to meet my nutritional needs. Considering I'm always on the go, running from photo shoots to movie sets, Emerald Balance has made my transition from the high fashion world of modeling to the fitness modeling world attainable. I no longer have to worry about whether or not I am eating the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables because I get all I need in just one serving of Emerald Balance. Not only have my energy levels increased, but even better, my hair and nails are stronger and my skin is very clear. Look… I know what it is to look and feel good, but Emerald Balance makes me look and feel great! Thank you Spirit Garden Nutrition!!!"

Sarah B.
Professional Model
B.S. Biology/Nutrition, Graduate Student-Kinesiology, Exercise Science

When I started Emerald Balance 3 months ago I noticed improvement within 2 weeks to such a degree I was astonished. My stamina and energy levels tend to fluctuate up and down all the time. I feel EB keeps me alert and more energetic than I have been in years. I also have a very bad case of psoriasis, Emerald Balance has cleared up my skin and the deep patches are virtually gone, I feel comfortable wearing shorts again. Also I find it curbs my appetite and this is an added bonus since I am trying to watch my weight.

Dave Comer, San Jacinto, CA

"Hello my name is Monica Sullender, I am a 29 year old surfer and SCUBA diver raised in California. Two years ago an opportunity arose to work with Mares, the SCUBA diving subdivision of Head Group. Head also encompasses Penn rackets, Tyrolia ski bindings, and Sporasub freediving equipment. The position required that I relocate to Italy to be a product line manager for BCD's/Wetsuits/Bags, and help develop the women's line of SCUBA. And so 'California Water Woman' meets Italy! New language, new culture, new friends, new job, and lots of new stress! I have been consistently taking Emerald Balance as a strict part of my daily regimen since embarking on this exciting challenge and I can sincerely see a difference in my health and energy.

As a product line manager I travel world wide for business, work extremely long hours and sometimes do not have a chance to eat good balanced meals. Taking Emerald Balance has increased my energy, where as in the past I would feel jet lag for some days after arriving at my destination, now I feel adjusted and energized in one or two days max! The small packet size servings are convenient to travel with, perfect to mix with a bottle of water while running from flight to flight or crunching numbers at my desk, and it tastes good. My hair grows like a weed and my skin looks great. Amazingly with my whirl wind life style I really feel good! I know it's because I take Emerald Balance everyday and I'm getting my daily dose of nutrients and herbs that keep me healthy and on top of my game. I definitely recommend Emerald Balance for anyone. "

Monica Sullender

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great gift! My wife, as I mentioned, is a bit of a health nut and she says that nothing she has ever tried before has given her the amount of energy, mental focus and over all feeling of wellness that only two days worth of Emerald Balance has provided her. I think it tastes great and I definitely feel the difference, on my first day of taking it I worked a 15 hour bar shift and really felt energized all day. Thank you so much for introducing us to Emerald Balance, my wife is determined to take it everyday for the rest of her life and so am I. Needless to say, you have two new lifetime customers.

Adam Harris
New York, New York

"As a new mom that is also working full time, I was constantly looking for quick and easy ways to get the proper nutrition. I also had recently stopped breast feeding and was experiencing a loss of hair which was very disconcerting. After using Emerald Balance on a daily basis for a month, I noticed a lot of new hairs beginning to grow. I currently have a great deal of new hair growth and the hair that remained is shinier and healthier overall. Bottom line, Emerald Balance is quick and easy and gives you great results! The taste is also unbelievable. I was a little apprehensive after seeing the color, but after the first taste I was hooked. This is a product that anyone can handle drinking and it really works! You have to try it to believe it."

Stephanie, Carlsbad, CA
Mother of two

"I wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful superfood. Having four boys, all under the age of eight, I find it difficult to eat as nutritiously as I would like. After Landon was born, my fourth son, I began feeling my energy level drop. I understood that this was normal due to the lack of sleep that comes along with having a new born, but this didn't explain the regular heartburn and mild acne. This motivated me to read up on my symptoms and look for a natural solution. I came across an article focusing on the importance of keeping the body pH balanced. I learned that my fatigue, heartburn, and visible skin irritations could be caused from my body being too acidic.

It all started to make sense. With my limited time, I had been eating less and less fruits and vegetables through out the day, and eating more meat for dinner with my family at night. I knew that it would be very difficult to consistently eat the recommended fruits and vegetables, 5 to 10 servings per day! I began asking my health minded friends if they had heard of any products that could help me. My friend Sue swore by a new product called Emerald Balance. She had been taking it for a few months and had noticed a difference in the way she felt and the quality of her skin. To make a long story short, I followed Sue's recommendation and haven't looked back. I no longer have the regular heartburn, my energy level has come up several notches, and my skin is looking better and better. "

Brenda Watson
Mother of 4
La Jolla, Ca.

"A refreshing, vibrant, pH balanced supplement to make sure my body is fueled with the essential nutrients it needs every day. It wasn't until I ran out of my Emerald Balance for a few weeks that I realized how much of a positive impact it was having on my well-being. I noticed I had been feeling a little sluggish and even my skin seemed to lose some of its glow that I finally realized what was missing – My Emerald Balance. That won't happen again. I am hooked on the daily routine of drinking emerald balance first thing in the morning. Which not only starts my day off right every day but also gives me a great energy boost to fuel my workouts. And best of all – Emerald Balance is easy to take because it tastes great. I've tried other products and none of them taste as good as Emerald Balance. I was so impressed with the taste of Emerald Balance the first time I experienced it at a fitness trade show. I knew when we would finally open our store, BodyHobby, we needed to carry this product - which we do now & have had great feedback from our customers."

Colette Flack
Fitness Professional

"This is a 10+ product! I have tried many nutritional mixes, but this one is by far the best tasting one yet. I have been taking Emerald Balance for the past month, and I not only like it, I literally crave it. It is simple and quick, as I mix it with water only (no need to add anything else as the flavor is delicious). I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin and nails, my digestion, and my level of energy. I feel overall more balanced. After much research into other products, I am thoroughly impressed with the extensive and well-balanced list of ingredients~so much of what I purchase individually is in there and more! I am very particular about what goes into my body and I feel confident that Emerald Balance does all it says and more. Thank you!"

Sara Salisbury, Yoga Instructor

"I've been using Emerald Balance for several months as well as recommending it to my patients. My personal experience is an amazing amount of energy, stronger nails, and best of all I don't lose chunks of hair in the shower anymore. My male patients have commented that it's helping their hair growth and one particular patient who has done manual labor most of his life swears his hands and skin around his nails have never looked and felt better! My assistant stopped drinking tea in the morning because of the amount of energy she felt after drinking her Emerald Balance for the day. I can't keep the stuff on my shelf. Thank you for developing such a great product for such a reasonable price!"


Dr. Sandra Castro, Chiropractor

"I have been using Emerald Balance for about 7 months now and I can't imagine a day without it. I recently stop drinking coffee, and having my emerald balance every morning has made me feel like I have my natural caffiene boost. I also took off my acrylic nails and I am amazed at how well emerald balance has helped repair and grow out my natural nail. I also am an avid figure and fitness competitor, and using emerald balance on a daily basis helps my skin take the bronzing tanner that I have to apply befor a competiton so much better. I LOVE what Emerald Balance has done for my body and I am very thankful to have been introduced to it."

Angie Fernwault

"I am using my Emerald Balance and I love it. I truly feel great when I take it. I have been noticing my joint pain in my knees subsiding since I have been taking Emerald Balance. My energy levels are up and I feel much better. I have been drinking Emerald Balance in the morning and at night. Thank you! You have a faithful customer in me."


Richard Jones, Professional Body Builder

"I have been taking Emerald Balance everyday since I started training for this season's fitness competitions, and feel better than ever. I can't wait to take it when I get home from my workouts in the morning, because it actually tastes good and is refreshing, unlike the other natural supplements I tried during last year's season. It's sweet and minty, and doesn't need to be mixed with anything but cold water. My hair and nails have been growing like crazy, on top of feeling like I have twice the overall energy I normally feel! Also, I have been pushing myself even harder with my gymnastics, and am not experiencing the usual tendon and joint issues I usually run into when I tumble. Once I return to a normal schedule, I can't imagine going without it now that I know what it's like to feel balanced, healthy, and ready for anything."

Amber Knight
Amateur Fitness Competitor

"This company makes a great tasting green drink (REALLY !!). It is the best tasting one that I have tried - especially in a cold glass of milk. The effects of this drink are more cumulative/ long term. I was able to try it for a month before recently running out (now in Israel). After the first couple of "DOSES" I most notably noticed improvement in my digestion. After a month, I noticed softer skin, less cravings for sweets, and just ,felt, well - HEALTHIER. If you have any questions about it, I would be glad to give honest feedback about the stuff."

Justin Womack
President of the Pepperdine Triathlete Club

I discovered you guys at the Iron man Expo LAST year (02/05) where my partner was competing in figure (Diva). We've been hooked since the 1st sample that day making sure we purchased 3 canisters and a box of packets to take home to the east coast that day as well J You guys expressed your efforts in trying to get into the retail markets, and yes, we've tried to spread the word through GNC, Vitamin Shoppe & our local Whole Foods, though it's been user friendly ordering via your website throughout the year. We order 4 canisters at a time! After making it a part of our daily it was such a relief when I logged onto your website to place another order (as we're well overdue & have been fresh out since the holidays...timing) to see that it was available at our nearest Vitamin Shoppe! I couldn't wait to call and make sure it was in stock so I could stop buy and purchase it today. So with all that said I just wanted to let you know keep up the good work & congratulations again on being able to branch out!

We love your product! It's great on the go from the gym to the road. It definitely alleviates the guilt of getting in all my veggies on days I can get them via food source J Have a fit day!

Tracy Blakely (Diva Richards too!)
New Jersey

I just wanted to tell you about the success I have had with Emerald Balance. If you remember I was the way to hung over guy walking around the 2006 Olympia in Vegas. I never expected a "greens" drink to be there. I was rounding the corner looking for the next speed drink with no nutritional value to bring me up to speed when I stumbled upon your booth. You offered a shot of the emerald balance and I couldn't believe how good it tasted. So of course I asked for a full shaker cup of the stuff to attempt to get some nutrients into my tainted body. Within 30 minutes I felt great, not from caffeine but from Emerald Balance. I was so impressed I brought it into my GNC store. It has totally overcome the greens category in my store. It really is a great formula and a great tasting product. I started combining it with a favorite protein of mine IsoFruit. It mixes great with the IsoFruit's flavor profile and with sales. I sell the emerald balance for 39.99 and IsoFruit for 39.99 and throw in a free shaker for an eighty dollar sale...Thanks for finally making a product we can sell. I love the packets, that is the way all green should be sold.

Florida GNC store owner

Hello, I have to admit, I am a product junkie. I have tried pretty much everything on the market. By far, EMERALD BALANCE is the best ever!! I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but the results have been wonderful. My digestive system has improved dramatically ( I suffer from gas, bloating,etc....you get the idea), and my energy levels have increased as well. I feel like I'm cheating myself if I miss my daily dose!! Being a nurse I am a strong advocate of preventative medicine and keeping yourself healthy ;so I have recommended EMERALD BALANCE to my colleagues and my patients.

Thank you so much for making such an awesome supplement!! When something works you stick with it, so I won't be trying out any new superfoods any time soon.



I have been drinking Emerald Balance every day for over a month now. Not only does it give me an immediate burst of energy, I feel I am more focused and energized throughout the day. I know that if I don't get my daily serving of fruits and vegetables for the day, Emerald Balance will more than make up for the lost nutrients and then some. I look for products and services that will enhance my quality and life and try to ensure everything I put in my body will help it perform at it's best. Emerald Balance certainly qualifies. And the shaker cup makes Emerald Balance easy to mix up and take anywhere. With a busy lifestyle convenience is key and I can take my good nutrition everywhere I go.

Jennifer Galardi
Los Angeles, CA