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Sebastian Siegel – BodyBuilding.com Interview

Sebastian Siegel is a British- American actorfilmmakerwriter and artist.  You may have seen him on the hit shows Lost, Hawaii 5-0, Flash Forward, or The Finder: Miami. You also may have seen him on the covers of Men’s Fitness, Iron Man, or Muscle & Fitness magazines. With over 100 magazine cover appearances, he’s hard to miss.

Sebastian is a 100% natural high-intensity athlete. So what’s the secret to his natural physique? It’s really no secret at all. In an interview with BodyBuilding.com, he talked about how Emerald Balance is one of the backbones of his nutritional regimen.

I use Emerald Balance every day, often multiple times, usually in the mornings and post-workout.”

To read more about Sebastian and how he keeps in such great shape, check out the full BodyBuilding.com article here


And for even more on Sebastian, visit his website at http://www.sebastiansiegel.com!

Photo by Alex Ardenti