About SGN Nutrition

Our Philosophy

SGN Nutrition has a simple goal: to create the highest quality nutritional supplements utilizing current day scientific research, while offering only environmentally sound ingredients and packaging. Studies have shown a rapid decline in the overall health of humans due to the consumption of foods low in nutrients. SGN Nutrition develops proprietary formulas that help individuals easily acquire nutrients and optimize their health.

SGN Nutrition was founded by Jan Lovejoy, a clinical nutritionist, clinical herbalist and author of "Get Balanced – A Natural Way to Better Health with Superfoods". Her inspiration for starting SGN Nutrition came in 2002 when she became very concerned with her mother's failing health. She was suffering from fatigue, edema, pre-diabetes, and post pacemaker surgery. After visiting doctor after doctor with no real diagnosis, Jan created a special nutritional supplement called Emerald Balance that was easy to take, tasted great and packed with superfoods, herbs, vitamins and minerals. After taking Emerald Balance daily, her mother eventually reduced her required medications by more than half, improved her overall health, and is now healthier than she has been in many years. Today thousands of people take Emerald Balance daily, and the customer base continues to grow.

SGN Nutrition is a privately held family owned and operated company that develops and sells innovative and progressive powdered drink mix nutritional supplements. Since initiating operations in 2004, SGN Nutrition has become a rapidly growing nutritional supplement company, offering products both domestically and internationally.